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What Is A Candle Wax Melter: Need-To-Know Information On This Candle-Making Tool

By October 5, 2021Inspiration
candle wax melter

Making candles is a calming way to experiment with your scents and play with different aromas. This hobby has become more popular over the years due to various inventions that can make the activity easier and more efficient. Candle wax melters are a type of candle-making equipment that are specially-coated tanks designed for wax melting. Here’s everything you need to know about candle wax melters, how to use candle wax melters, and what to consider when buying your own.

What is a Candle Wax Melter?

A candle wax melter comes in the form of a stainless steel tank that is specifically created to separate different scents from another when making candles. The special coating makes it withstand the heat that it takes to continuously soften the wax. These pieces of equipment need to be uniquely polished to ensure there is no mixing of the different ingredients in scented or colored candles and soaps. 

What are the Different Types of Candle Wax Melters?

Wax Melters at Melting And Filling Equipment, Inc. discussed the history of candle wax making equipment and how it delved into the different kinds of candle wax melters.

  • Direct Heating types consist of aluminum. These tanks can go over the temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating transpires directly on the aluminum which is right against the wax that needs to be melted. These are more commonly bought for personal use.
  • Water Jacket Heating types operate more like huge, commercial double boilers and ensure the wax is heated evenly. There are a few that are made of aluminum, but most are usually made of stainless steel.
  • Convection heating melters transmit heat through the air. The heated air needs to be circulated so temperature is difficult to control. This means Convection Heat Melters have to be insulated.

Why Use Candle Wax Melters?

Candle wax melters can make the candle making process easier and quicker. They can melt wax in the specified time needed to ensure you get exactly what you want. The equipment also evens out the candle wax and crafts a genuine, handmade candle feel. 

measuring melted candle wax

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How are Candle Wax Melters Different from a Wax Warmer?

Another way of enjoying the aromatherapy and sweet fragrances is to use wax warmers. These are a different take on the scented candle. While candle wax melters are industrial tanks used to create multiple new candles, wax warmers are already the “candle” themselves but without the open fire used to spread the smell. Wax warmers are filled with wax melts that are heated to give you a whiff of whatever you choose. Wax warmers create a curated atmosphere in your home. This can be a unique experience from using scented candles.

Types of Wax

There are an array of waxes to choose from and explore in the quest for the specific fragrance you would like to create. Here are a few types of wax you can play with in your candle making routine:


Beeswax is organically made by bees and harvested from their hives. The honeycomb collected from the bees’ home is boiled and rendered. This can be cleaned and heated using a double boiler. If you don’t want to go through this absolutely raw experience, beeswax pellets or whole blocks of beeswax are available at health food stores, apiaries, and DIY shops. 

This wax performs similarly to paraffin wax. Many candle makers choose to use beeswax because it can give a brighter flame and a long lasting experience. The high melting point of this wax is around 149 degrees Fahrenheit. This higher melting point makes it beam with a beautiful blazing light. Beeswax candles can also burn longer than most other waxes. Its density (0.958)makes it drip less as well burn slower. 

Some drawbacks to using beeswax are that they are on the pricier side and can be very sticky when spilled. The wick needed when using beeswax is also bigger than when using other types of wax. 

Cream and Gel Waxes

Gel wax is not really a wax. It is made from a combination of resin and mineral oil. It is similar to other waxes except for its transparency and consistency. While other types of wax are used to make pillar candles, gel wax is ideal in glasses and are often used to create dainty little trinkets. Cream or gel waxes are said to retain more of the scent than paraffin candle wax.

candle wax flakes

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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the more commonplace candle wax, the substance being cheaper and more accessible. It is created as a byproduct from the crude oil refinement process. This wax is easy to use, dye, and scent. Some downsides to using paraffin wax are that it is made from a nonrenewable source, namely petroleum. It can be dangerous for those with allergies to it. It also emits air pollutants and soot which can be harmful to the environment.

Soy Wax

Soy Wax is a more recently developed kind of wax. Majority of this kind of wax is made from 100% soybean oil. It was introduced in the 1990s as a middle ground from the petroleum dependent paraffin wax and the all-natural beeswax. 

The process of creating the soy wax itself is interesting. The beans are collected, cleaned, and cracked. Afterwhich, they are then de-hulled and made into flakes. The wax is then extracted from these flakes. 

The benefits of using soy wax are that this is ideal for larger production numbers and it produces a very minimal amount of air pollutants. 

What Do You Need to Look for in a Candle Wax Melter?

Some considerations you need to make while looking for your ideal candle wax melter would be:

  • Ease of temperature control
  • Types of wax that can be melted in that melter
  • Amount of wax that can be melted or its capacity
  • Ease of transportation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of operating
  • Option of unmonitored use
  • Life span. 

Is it Safe to Use a Candle Wax Melter?

A wide variety of wax melters accessible today derive their energy from AC power outlets. There are often safety features in the instruction manuals of the melters you buy. These may instruct you about the proper way to manipulate the temperature to melt wax. 

You can check whether the melter you want to buy can be left alone or needs constant attention. Large melters can usually be left unmonitored while smaller melters provide a more personal experience of watching your candle wax melter. 

Make sure to wear the proper attire for candle making when using the melter. An apron would be useful to keep candle wax off of your body. There are many other aspects to think about: a dedicated open area and carefully chosen candle wax that matches your candle wax melter. 

Final Thoughts

So, should you get yourself a candle wax melter? You are the best person that can decide whether it is something you need to use to create the candles you want. Candle wax melters produce evenly warmed wax and makes the process a whole lot easier and faster. Many wax melters can produce a multitude of products in a day if your goal is selling candles. 

What kind of wax do you want to use? What kind of candles do you want to produce? Whether you choose a smaller or bigger melter, an unmonitored or monitored kind of equipment— there is a lot to consider when buying your candle making materials. One thing is for sure, forging your very own candles is an activity that requires the right tools and a mind open to creativity.

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