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What are Hemp Candles and What Do They Do?

By December 31, 2021January 10th, 2022Cannabis
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The words “hemp” and “candles” could be a great new pairing for you with beautiful aromas linking both concepts to each other. If you’re a veteran in the cannabis community you might have heard about hemp candles all this time but haven’t gotten down to trying the alternative scent emitters. Whatever you might want to find out about hemp candles, sit back, grab a trusty old stick lighter and let’s get down to what hemp candles are and what it is they do.

What are Hemp Candles?

Hemp candles are a combination of essential oils, hemp oil, and soy wax. These sweet or spicy-smelling candles are commonly used to help aid in aromatherapy. “Hemp” is derived from cannabis but it only contains 0.3% or less THC. The therapeutic nature of hemp candles connected to the cannabis plant is what attracts many to buy them and implement them in their daily lives. Looking at this history of aromatherapy can shed light on the deep cultural and health-based reasons for trying it out.

Aromatherapy as a practice has been all over the world and has existed for hundreds if not, thousands of years. People from ancient Egypt and China have used it for religious or medical rituals for a hundred years. Natural materials like fragrant plants, balms, resins, and oils were used to reap psychological or physical benefits.

The term itself was coined by a French chemist and perfumer named René-Maurice Gattefossé in the mid-1900s. He wrote a book about “aromatherapy” in 1937 where he scribes the healing properties of lavender for burns. He discussed the use of essential oils in healing medical conditions.

As of late and in the U.S., 75%-80% of candles are scented. The market for different types of essential oils and how these can be used in different ways has also boosted scented candle and hemp candle sales.

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What Do Hemp Candles Do? Are There Any Benefits?

Just like how cannabis, with its high THC levels, is used for pain relief and relaxation, hemp candles carry their positive effects on candle collectors, albeit to a slightly less intense degree.

Hemp, on its own, has been sought after for its medicinal properties for years, offering vegan and non-toxic versions of the average candle. The soy wax that accompanies hemp oils in hemp candles is organic materials that are more commonly ethically sourced.

Lighting up your hemp candles can provide a relaxing atmosphere and inject a sense of tranquility in your house as you roam around or sit calmly to enjoy the scent. Many aromas can be used for your novelty-seeking preferences. What do hemp candles smell like?

Cannabis-scented hemp candles can give users the illusion of toking but without the extreme high or the couch-locking experience. It’s a choice item for marijuana admirers. Other smells like lavender, eucalyptus, blood orange, lemon, basil, etc. can add a touch of fruity or earthy tones to the burning hemp wick.

On the other side of the aromatherapy talk, candle lighting can also be good for your eyes if you’re just about to hit the hay. Your phone or TV emits blue light that can keep you awake for longer than you want. Switching to candles for lighting at night can aid you in a calm, peaceful sleep. Great for insomniacs!

Why Should I Use a Hemp Candle?

Apart from the medicinal relaxation, psychological, and physical effects, what sets hemp candles apart from conventional candles is the lack of artificial substances used like dyes and soft coal paraffin or synthetical paraffin. These can carry toxins and have negative effects on your health. Since hemp candles are organic they are much easier for your body to take in and warm up to. They are also conflict-free. Note that reading about how your candles were sourced is still integral if you want to continue a vegan or conflict-free lifestyle.

A Hemp Candle Step-by-Step Recipe


  • Double boiler
  • Mason jar
  • One pound of soy wax
  • Hemp oil
  • Hemp wick
  • Card stock
  • A food thermometer

You can change some of the ingredients to your liking. For example, you might want a more cannabis-like fragrance so you can use less overpowering essential oil scents. The presence of terpenes in the hemp oil you choose can also determine this. Your source will specify the degree to which the terpenes can affect the smell of your candles. Another variation to think about would be the use of cotton instead of a hemp wick. It’s all up to you.

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  1. Set your double boiler to a low temperature and place the soy wax in it. While waiting for the wax to melt, place the wick in the mason jar. You can use a pen or stick set on the mouth of the jar to help you roll the wick to the top, the middle portion of the container.
  2. At temperatures between 120° and 140°F place an additional 1 ounce of hemp oil. Stir both together. Wait a few minutes for it to combine nicely.
  3. Pour it into the jar. Make sure not to hit the pen or stick while doing so.
  4. Enjoy the low light and smells!

Key Takeaways

Hemp candles are a great source of aromatherapy, relaxing the mind, and providing a soft glow for the eyes. Make your own and marvel at their organic, luscious aroma.

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