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Ways to Use CBD

By July 1, 2021July 27th, 2021Inspiration
ways to use cbd

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis these days. Each one is optimal for different people for different reasons, which is why we wanted to dive deeper into some of the ways people enjoy CBD. Choosing the proper delivery method for CBD can help you enjoy the best results for your ailments or as a supplement.

There are 5 main delivery methods when it comes to CBD, and each method comes with a variety of ways to do it. Take inhalation, for example. You can inhale CBD into your body via smoking, dabbing, vaping through flower, concentrates and more. You can also find topical products in the forms of lotions, balms, and creams. Oral delivery involves edibles which come in confections, drinks, pills, and capsules. There are plenty of ways for your body to process CBD, so pick the one that makes the most sense for you and your body.


Inhaling CBD is the fastest way to get it into your system. By inhaling CBD smoke you can introduce the CBD into your lungs quickly as it disperses via your blood through your body. It can spread through your blood and to your brain in a matter of seconds. To enjoy CBD via inhalation, most people use CBD flower or concentrates. However, CBD aromatherapy infusions are becoming increasingly popular thanks to companies like Dope Candles, who utilize CBD and terpenes in their products. It’s a great way to get the benefits of CBD into the system as well as terpenes which help make the effects of CBD more powerful.

Oral / Sublingual

Oral delivery involves the use of CBD-infused hash oils, capsules, and pills that are held under the tongue and absorbed into the bloodstream via the glands under your tongue. This is called “sublingual delivery”. The effects take hold after about 15 minutes and last up to 24 hours, depending on the potency you used.


Delivery by ingestion involves the use of edibles and CBD-infused beverages. They’re one of the most effective ways to enjoy CBD since they last about 8-12 hours within the body. Ingestion involves eating or drinking a CBD-infused product and metabolizing the cannabinoids in your liver before they enter your bloodstream. Just keep in mind that edible delivery takes up to 2 hours to take full effect, so don’t double down on your dose!


Topical delivery involves absorbing CBD through your skin. They come in creams, soaps, salves, balms, and transdermal patches and provide intense pain relief to localized areas. The only downside is that they need to be reapplied relatively frequently. Transdermal patches are the only exception, though. They can release a consistent stream of CBD throughout the day.


CBD Suppositories include the standard sort as well as tampons. They are a godsend for people who have chronic pain or gastrointestinal problems like Crohn’s Disease or IBS as well as people who have severe menstrual pain, and nausea. They kick in in a matter of minutes and last up to 8 hours.