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How to Make Candles Out of Candle Refill

By January 28, 2022Inspiration
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Whether you’re in deep with the whole candle-making hobby or just a curious cat who wants to know how to recycle candles, you came to the right place. Candle jars and containers just seem too sweet and useful to have them go to waste. They can be used more than once and, just like your favorite ballpoint pen, you can find something to reload it. That’s where the candle refill comes in.

You can purchase a candle refill kit online, if you’re a casual candle lover, or use your trusty double boiler if you’re a veteran in these parts. Below is the overall procedure to recycle your candle jars and containers with candle refill.

melted wax

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What You Need

  • Microwave or double boiler
  • Old candle containers jars
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Chopsticks or pencil
  • Cotton or hemp wicks
  • Refill wax
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Kettle or stove

Those using their microwaves will also need:

  • A microwave-safe glass container or bowl for the candle jar
  • A microwave-safe glass plate or dish which fits under the container or bowl above

What to Do (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step One: Clear out your old candle jars or candle containers. Fill your kettle with enough water to pour into your containers. Bring it to a boil. Pour the water into the containers until the residue from the old candle floats to the top. You can have the water fill each container at least halfway through. If you do not have a kettle, you can also boil water using your stove and follow the same procedure. If you have a double boiler, you can use the boiling pot to heat water instead.

You can keep the excess candle wax to melt in your new batch if the colors are still intact and fit the scent and aesthetic of your “new” candle. You can mix it in as you are melting your next batch.

Step Two: Take the old wick out. The hot water might be enough to fully take the wicks out of the old candle containers. You can scrape it off using a spoon or whatever will fit inside the container as leverage to pull the wick out.

Step Three: Wash and clean. Clean your containers by washing them with soap and water. If your containers are still stubborn you can leave them in hot water with some soap to get the gunk out. After which, you can dry or wipe your containers as preparation for the next step.

Step Four: Place your new wick in. Measure your container and cut your wick at around an inch above the top of the container if you have enough. You can cut the excess water. Glue the wick to the bottom of the container using a hot glue gun. Use your chopstick or pencil as a guide by placing it in the middle of the mouth of your jar or container. Then, wrap the rest of the wick to the chopstick or pencil at the mouth of the container. This helps the wick stay in the middle while you are pouring in the wax later on.

Step Five: It’s time to melt your candle refill wax. Place the same volume of candle refill as the container you want to reuse into a microwavable glass container or bowl. If you are using your double boiler you would be putting this into your pitcher. Microwave it for a minute and see how much it has melted. Then, microwave it for more time until the candle refill has been fully melted. For double boiler users who have used it for melted wax before, this is the part where you bring the water in your boiler and place the pitcher in it. Instructions for temperature are often found on the candle refill kit or packaging. Medium heat is the standard.

If any parts need some more time you can stir your candle wax with your chopstick or a wooden spoon. Just note you’ll have to clean it after if you use it.

Step Six: Pour your candle wax into your cleaned jars and containers. This might be super easy for those with candle-pouring pots. Be careful not to spill your melted wax outside of the container. You can place some wax paper where you are working if you want a more convenient clean-up. Now you just have to wait for your candles!

Step Seven: Last step! Use your scissors to trim your candle wick to the usual ¼ of an inch from the level of the wax. You are ready to go! Enjoy the light of your renewed candles.

candle refill wax kits

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Final Thoughts

Having too many old candle jars around just adds clutter and worst of all— is not as ethically sound as using candle refill. Recycling your old materials can also be cost-effective and more convenient than buying new containers. If you’re a candle lover looking to be more environment-friendly or a candle-curious recycler you will want to try reusing so you can reduce the waste you make.

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