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How to Clean Your Candle Pouring Pot: Quick & Easy Ways

By October 14, 2021January 10th, 2022Wellness
candle pouring pot

Everyone has unfortunately spilled liquid all over the table, trying to transfer some water from one glass to another. That’s why pitchers are essential kitchen mainstays. In the candle-making world, candle pouring pots work similarly but have an even more imperative function for your candle-making hobby or business. 

Consequently, making sure your candle pouring pot is in its best condition after use is the best way to ensure its longevity in your hands. Instead of dumping your tools off for the day to be washed for the next day, you might want to consider cleaning as you go. This could increase the lifespan of all of your candle-making supplies. 

Say goodbye to added expenses because you didn’t clean your pot at the end of the day. In this article, we are going to feature some ways you can clean those crusty candle wax remains from your candle pouring pot for increased efficiency and higher-quality candles.

Do’s and Don’ts For Cleaning Your Candle Pouring Pot

candle pouring pot

Just to make sure you cover all the nooks and crannies, here are some overall tips you need to consider when cleaning out your pouring pot no matter what method you choose:


  • Clean your pot as soon as you possibly can. This means the candle wax will have had less time to stick to the metal making it much easier to clean after each use.
  • Scrub your candle pouring pot with a dedicated soft sponge after each use. Making sure you have a specific sponge for this purpose will ensure your cleaning process is a lot more organized. 
  • Recycle your paper towels after cleaning your pots. You can make them into nifty wax fire starters for the winter. 
  • Pour excess wax into a disposable— preferably biodegradable— container to quicken the cleaning process. Let the wax harden. You can throw this out right after use or even reuse it. 


  • Don’t leave your pouring pot out for days without cleaning! You won’t be seeing much use out of it after repeating this a couple of times.
  • Don’t use sharp tools or abrasive scrubs to clean your pot. You will end up damaging the inside portion of the pot, rendering it useless.

Different Ways to Clean Candle Wax from Your Pouring Pot

  • The quickest way to clean the candle wax from your pot is to clean it immediately after you are done with your candle-making for the day. You can pop out excess, hardened wax with any of your heating tools or, if the wax has not melted yet, you can clean it straight away. Be sure to handle it with care because it might still be hot from the candle-making process. Take some paper towels and wipe out all the excess candle wax. Wash it with soap and water and leave it out to dry.
  • If you have left your pouring pot out for a few minutes after your candle-making session, the candle wax residue might be caked at the bottom. Place your pouring pot back in your double boiler, or whatever heating equipment you use, to heat the candle wax. Once the candle wax has melted to a liquid consistency, take your pouring pot out of the double boiler. Be careful while you handle it as the pouring pot will be quite hot. Wipe out the insides with paper towels and some soapy water. Lastly, you can wipe it again with fresh paper towels or any of your reusable cloth towels.
  • Use your heat gun to melt all the remaining wax. Wipe it out and you are good to go. 

What If There Is Some Coloring Left In My Candle Pouring Pot?

candle pouring pot

You might have been using some colorful wax or coloring to stain your pouring pot. The usual double boiler or heating gun process applies; however, you might have to repeat the process several times to get rid of the remaining color. You can also use rubbing alcohol in between each round to thoroughly clean out your pouring pot. These steps might take longer if you have a particularly dark or vibrant color all over your pitcher walls.  

How Do I Remove The Smell From My Candle Pouring Pot?

There are times when your pouring pot still carries the fragrance of your last creation. This is especially true when you use strong scents or lasting aromatic products, but you wouldn’t want that to mingle with any new projects. Try to sprinkle some baking soda over the inside of your pouring pot. Next, rub it out with a wet, soft, and soapy sponge to clean it. 

Final Thoughts

Pouring pitchers are necessities in your candle-making process. As such making sure they glisten, looking crisp and clean, is the least you could do if you want a lifelong candle-making tool. Cleaning your equipment right after use is the easiest and most efficient way to clean your candle pouring pot. Reheating them is the next step! Now that you have all the tips you need, do your part to ensure all of your candle-making essentials and tools can last as long as possible while maintaining quality above all else.

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