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Benefits of Using A Hemp Candle Wick

By October 25, 2021January 10th, 2022Cannabis
hemp candle wick

Imagine lighting up a candle: you strike up a match to it, its scent from liquid wax slowly rises and the candle wick slowly gathers it up into the flame. In this scene, the candle wick is the mediator and central part of your candle experience. It can affect the overall fragrance that emanates from the candle because it brings the smell to the fire. It may come in different forms: knitted fibers, knotted cotton twine, or even spicier, hemp

This versatile and irreplaceable cannabis product can be your next candlewick ingredient. This article will talk about the positive effects of using hemp candle wicks as well as how to use your own.  

What Is a Hemp Candle Wick?

hemp candle wick

A hemp candlewick is a twine made from hemp which is coated in beeswax instead of cotton. You can use it to burn a calming ambiance at home. With the THC level of 0.3% or under it will rarely get you high but will give you a mild effect of that familiar feeling. 

Is It Legal to Use Hemp Candle Wicks?

Loads of candles around you might already utilize this cannabis wick. So yes, hemp candle wicks are legal to use.  

Why Use Hemp for Wick Candles?

There are several benefits to using hemp when making or enjoying candles. Here are some to name a few:

Hemp Wicks are Organic

Since hemp is created with a naturally occurring substance, it is considered organic. Non-GMO, non-toxic, no pesticides, no PVC, no PBA, no acids— they come just as they are. Thus, hemp candle wicks are the more environmentally friendly way of emitting fragrance into a room.

Hemp Wicks Have a Hotter Burn

Using hemp can increase the temperature that your candle gives off. It’s more rigid and even burning fire is warm and atmospheric.

Hemp Wicks are Burn Longer

Slow-burning is what you expect with a hemp wick. With its beeswax coating, it is not only able to ensure that it is durable but also waterproof and long-lasting. 

Which is Better: Cotton Candle Wicks or Hemp Candle Wicks?

There’s not much of a difference between cotton candle wicks and hemp candle wicks. Most of the divergence down the road ultimately comes down to the added effects of relaxation from hemp candle wicks as well as the environmental benefits. 

However, hemp candle wicks can bring about the possible stigma cannabis-shamers might have about candle wicks that are made from cannabis products. Hemp twine makes it hotter and sturdier due to its thicker and longer fibers. 

How Do You Make Candles Using Hemp Wick?

hemp candle wick

Step One

Cut your hemp wick to an appropriate length. The best way to do this is to measure 5” longer than the glass/jar/box where you will place the wick. You can cut off the excess at the very end. 

Step Two

Connect the hemp wick to the wick tabs. Thread your hemp wick inside the hole in the tab. Make sure to pinch the top closed with pliers so you can stick your wick to the bottom part of its container

Step Three

Take out your double boiler. Alternatives would be a saucepan and bowl. If you use these alternatives you can fill your saucepan 

Step Four

Set your double boiler to medium heat.

Step Five 

Place wax in the pot or bowl. The wax will start to melt while the water boils under. Use a wooden dowel to stir the wax. Observe it so it doesn’t burn. Drop-in some essential oils while it is melting. Lavender can be especially calming. Rose can work well if you choose to use beeswax. The amounts depend on your preferences and willingness to experiment. 

Step Six

Add the hemp wick to the container. To make sure that the wick stays in place while you pour the wax into the container, dip the wick tab secured to your hemp wick into the melted wax. Place a little wax on the bottom first and then immediately place the tab on top of the small amount of wax. Check to see if it is in the center of your container and press it down. It will harden and hold it in place.

Step Seven

Gently pull or lead the hemp wick up and curl it around a stick or pencil so that it rests on the rim of your container. All of this is to secure your hemp wick at the center of the candle so that it stands straight when you place the candle wax in.

Step Eight

Melt the wax. If your wax has completely melted, turn off the heat and let the wax cool just a little. 

Step Nine

Pour the wax into the container. Be careful not to hit the hemp candlewick.

Step Ten

Let cool for a day.

Step Eleven

Cut your wick about a half-inch or inch above the candle and enjoy!


For a calming end of the day, a hemp candlewick can add that little bit more warmth that you need from your candle. With soothing smells and slightly sultry swirls of THC, you can enjoy the rest of your day knowing you’ve made a sweet candle. 

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